Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer Fun (and Manhole Covers)!

Summer is finally here which means a little more free time and some extra pep in my step from the weather and sunshine.  I'm hoping to make ground on a couple projects.   One for fun and another to build off mapping and data visualization and put it all on the web in an interactive format.

Here's a preview of the progress on my current "for fun" project:

Every city is filled with variety and history wherever you look.  From the cornices and windows, to architecture, even in something as simple as a sewer cover.  After a few weeks of hunting around I've gotten about halfway to my goal of finding between 60 and 100 different sewer covers.  When I'm done I'll touch them up and make a few prints of the collage.

One of my favorites that I find pretty frequently is the PTC cover.  These are from the pre-Septa days when the Philadelphia Trolley Company was still in town.

Finding the second half will probably be a summer long scavenger hunt but I'll gladly take any excuse to bike around in the sun.